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  • Very pleased to see the widget show up in the corner of my screen. Thanks very much for bringing it back!
  • There was a fairly lengthy thread (can't remember the title) filled with complaints about removal of the security widget. It no longer shows up when I search for security widget topics. Does anyone know what happened to that thread?
  • Since I had the opportunity to throw my little cyber-fit and have gotten that off my chest, I thought I should post again and offer a functionality-oriented reason and a business-oriented reason for reinstating the security widget. With regard to functionality: The nature of security software is that it runs in the…
  • Wow! I thought maybe I had accidentally turned off the widget. It is jaw-dropping to me that BD decided to remove such a useful feature. I have been a BD customer for many years. Previously I had always renewed for one or two years max. Wouldn't you know that this last time around I renewed until 2024. Even so, I'm going…
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