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  • Hello, Bitdefender uses photon technology, meaning that the scanned files will not be scanned again, thus, it will scan less files.
  • * ZERGS-132
  • 19 hours ago, thegilpins said: The processes are not still running. It happens with any game I run. That is why I rasied the issue in the first place. I have been back and forth with support emails for over a week asking ths same questions. It seems hard to get Bitdefender to acknowledge the issue. Hello, In order to…
  • Hello, When you scan for the first time Bitdefender will scan all the files from your system. After performing multiple scans, it will scan only the new and modified files. The System Scan will perform a full scan on your system.
  • 20 hours ago, bitmender said: My initial screenshot shows that "BDLDaemon" does have access because I checked the box to allow it. The "BDCoreIssues" and "bdagentd" appear on the list but do not have FDA because they are not checked. Again, the system did not generate a request for these items to be added to FDA -- they…
  • 16 hours ago, mlesnews said: It is inexcusable to tell a customer in so many words, "Sorry about your luck, don't contact us" but this is the answer after a bug causing their computer to crash repeatedly. The software worked fine for five (5) months before the bug. The support team took over a month of replies that they…
  • Hi, Use the uninstall tool below and after that try again to install Bitdefender: Now check if the Bitdefender processes are spiking again.In case they are, please send us some screenshots from Task Manager displaying the processes and the CPU…
  • 18 hours ago, komtur said: I have done a report on our another computer (the same problem with Opera). Ticket number is 2019101916140002. The problem occurs only on computers where Total Security is installed. Computers with other antivirus software do not have this problem. This is strange at all, because changing the…
  • 10 hours ago, TheWARNED1 said: thank you for the reply, i had done that and it did not fix my issue... but then got tinkering with more things... once i disabled AdGuard AdBlocker my problem was fixed i am sorry for thinking it was BD and not fully testing possibilities such as extensions first so if any of you notice the…