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  • Update 2 Well the combination: WAN > 'Trusted', Stealth > 'Off' and Generic to 'On' then turning the Firewall off doesn't work either! After a restart the BD IS 2015 Firewall is STILL set to 'ON' Going to try WAN > 'Trusted', Stealth > 'On' and Generic to 'On' and see what happens then after I turn the firewall off and…
  • Update 1 Well the combination: WAN > Home/Office, Stealth > 'Off' and Generic to 'On' didn't work. The Firewall is back 'ON' again this morning. Going to try WAN > Trusted, Stealth > 'Off' and Generic to 'On' and see if that works on the next restart. Watch this space! Zaph
  • I'll give that a try - thanks Phil. Settings are currently: WAN > Home/Office Stealth > 'Off' and Generic to 'Off' I don't hold out too much hope though. I'm also running BD IS 2015 on another Win 7HP SP1 64-bit machine and that keeps the firewall off and I can print. On the machine that can't print it is because BD IS…
  • Hi...Maybe switch to BD Antivirus Plus. It has no firewall. Hi Ozzie, Thanks for the suggestion but not really a fix. Anyone else have any other ideas? Zaph
  • I have had a similar issue with Bitdefender Firewall blocking access to printers - strangely the printers can SEND to the computers - stuff like scans and ink/toner levels - but the computers can't send documents to the printers. This was on 2 PCs with Bitdefender installed. On 2 other PCs with Avast - no problems. Turned…