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  • The program update appears to resolve the problem on my computer.
  • The fix described in previous posts worked for me. System appears stable and runs good again. I am now running protected and manual virus signature only updates. I am waiting to install non essential software (after my clean install over the weekend) until the final fix is posted. Thanks DanyDan for pointing me to this…
  • Update: The 256M install file required a long time to download on my slow DSL. BD Antivirus 2011 now runs fine. Startup which I keep clean is speedy. Was time for an annual clean install on a home computer with two users. I do not know what the conflict was after the June 30 problem. I did not run other virus utilities;…
    dans Reinstall? Commentaire de gaylem juillet 2011
  • The latest build for the Rescue CD, dated July 14,2010, using Xubuntu, solved my problem. I can now boot to the GUI without command line options. The connection to the DSL modem works and updates files. Thanks for the updated Rescue CD build. Gaylem Dear Diana I have the same connection issue as Romeo_ge. I will try the…
  • Dear Diana I have the same connection issue as Romeo_ge. I will try the USB signature update option. I also spent time researching the command to modify the boot options so I can now boot from the CD to the GUI. I also am looking forward to a internet connection fix for the rescue cd. Thanks, Gaylem I will use it as you…
    dans No Network Connection Commentaire de gaylem mai 2010
  • I learned after hours of reading research the command is all-generic-ide irqpoll, that is hyphens, not underscores. Now I can boot from the CD and get the GUI. Thanks, gaylem Hello, Please try to run again the Rescue CD and hit TAB when the system enters Boot Splash Screen (your second screen capture). Add "all_generic_ide…
    dans System File Not Found Commentaire de gaylem mai 2010