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  • I'll give that a shot, Victor - it's more than Bitdefender Support have come up with in MONTHS...! No luck for me unfortunately. Why are Bitdefender not commenting on this anymore, have they ditched it and decided to ignore it??
  • Hello , I encountered same problem. I tried a solution, If I add script.xml files ( documents and settings, username, application data...bitdefender....bla bla....) to exclusion list at the Antivirus section, problem dissapered. Still I am continiue to try . Till now I did't face problem. I'll give that a shot, Victor -…
  • Bitdefender support, what is the latest on this? It's been ages since a reply was posted and it appears to be going the same way as the last time I raised this......no result.
  • Another thing for BD Support to think of with this is that a number of times while my privacy rules are working and still there, sometimes the privacy module will turn itself off - i notice only when i go on sites i don't normally go on and it doesn't present me with any rule requests. Venturing into the GUI shows privacy…
  • Had another email from support a couple days ago. Still being looked at, no ETA.
  • So when can we expect a fix for this? I had to reboot 4 times today as none of my rules were present.
  • (andre1990 @ Mar 20 2010, 10:21 PM) * i hate people like you.....just shut up. We have all been affected badly, deal with it. I've lost lots, but it's one of those things that happens. Oh man....get a grip I'm guessing you are working for BitDefender on here doing damage control. How much are they paying you? Sit down and…
  • Guys I've had this problem for MONTHS and never had a solution. Like you I find that on an alarming frequency I boot to find all my privacy rules are gone - cookies, scripts, etc. I end up having to boot into safe mode, re-copy the script.xml and cookie.xml files (which I keep a permanent up to date copy of on my desktop -…
  • Unfortunately, upon boot up this morning BD has gone back to its old tricks and all my cookie and script rules have been deleted once again. SO FRUSTRATING.
  • Hi Alex, I booted up this morning and my rules were all present - the first time since I upgraded about 3 or 4 days ago. We'll see how it goes and if they start disappearing again i'll post back in this thread. Thanks.
  • I'm having a similar issue although I have found a bit of a fix (albeit a very minor nuisance). I'm currently running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, with Service Pack 2 installed as well as any and all current updates for Windows/Microsoft Products. I have just recently updated my Bitdefender Software from the 2009…
  • Hi, I'd like to add another voice to this thread - I've just upgraded to Internet Security 2010 from 2008 and I've tried to replicate as best as possible my old settings. On the old one I had privacy control set as High - I don't want any scripts / cookies running without my prior approval (trust me it gets much easier…
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