• You guys are aware of the issue now why do we have to contact customer support? Please just let us know here when it's fixed so we can uninstall and reinstall the working version please. @Mike_BD
  • Same problem here and yes I am on Monterey. I just noticed the expired icon today. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it seemed to work fine until I rebooted and now it says expired again.
  • Can confirm... I never use Safari but went in to Safari settings and enabled all three BitDefender extensions. Closed Safari. Reopened Safari and disabled all three BD extensions. Rebooted MacBook and no more spinning wheel of death! Thanks for the suggestion! Not sure if this fixes the root of the problem. Hope BD still…
  • Same exact problem. On three different family MacBooks. Uninstalled, reinstalled on all. No help. They need to fix for this ASAP.
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