Ultima data activ


  • Does anyone know if this product is still supported? I haven't seen any updates for the last 9 months...
  • When it uses that much memory, it is in an update cycle. It only lasts a short time and then drops back to 9-12 mb. I have seen it myself and it's usually followed by a log entry that the signatures have been updated. Yeah,,, that might be true.... but it also happens when I'm not connected to the internet, so it's not…
  • What process is this? Updates happen frequent. Someone said at least every hour. What is you version if I may ask? GZISERV is the process. Yeah,,,you are right,,, but it should have been better if we could manually update the definitions....
  • No, unfortunately it is supposed to reside in memory to that extent all the time. Something about improved performance. However, like I pointed out in the 2014 section thread about this it has the opposite effect for everything else on the system and should only happen during on demand scans. Ok,,,, then it's not only…
  • I guess they still haven't given us any option to exclude a file manually. So what if I have a file and BD detects it as a virus and deletes it NOT quarantine it. Then how would I exclude the file in the first place. I have such a file and I trust it totally as I have been working with it for more than 4 years and no…
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