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  • Funny you mention Norton 360, I switched to Bitdefender because Norton 360 was a PITA, but that was a while ago now. But I guess nothing is perfect in this world. I can't understand why Bitdefender haven't just turned off this notification in an update though. I'd imagine it would only involve changing a couple of line of…
  • Also, don't like the new forum layout / design or whatever going on with it either. WTF?
  • Apart from the annoying pop-up notification about having your back. Doesn't make any noise so I guess so technically it's silent, but still a P.I.T.A. Not helpful I'm afraid. Good try though. 🤙
  • Thanks @Jayakrishnan. Thing is, I already know how to set up Profiles in Bitdefender. I just don't need the reminder notification that it's got my back popping up every time I activate a Profile. I'm assuming it does that anyway. Otherwise I just turn of Automatic Profiles to stop it. In the meantime, Bitdefender should…
  • Thanks Tech Hiker. I was too lazy to get around to it yet, so ended up turning off "Activate profiles automatically" in "Settings / Profiles" to get rid of it for now. Also, I just learnt you can't use the Greater Than symbol (>) in this text box followed by a space, or it disappears, hence the brackets around it. They say…
  • No, apart from the fact that Bitdefender File Shredder couldn't shred the file. I actually remembered how I deleted it now. I opened up 7-Zip file explorer & deleted it in there. Makes you wonder, when free software can do something that paid software can't. Oh, while I'm here, can someone please turn off this please! It's…
  • Update: I managed to remove the file so this question is resolved. Just wish I could remember how I did it 🤔🧠💣️🔥....nup...brain exploded.😊
  • Hi. I've got the same issue with the "Bitdefender has your back" pop up msg box appearing every time I use an MS Office app lately, plus a few more. Really annoying. Never used to do it until recently. So should I drop an email to bitdefender support staff at [email protected] and explain the issue in brief as well. It…
  • Hi Cosmin, safepay is working again. However, it wasn't a matter of "just clicking on the "Update Now" button". I was hoping "just clicking on the "Update Now" button would fix it but it didn't. I had to go on support chat in Bitdefender central & even then, still had to email off my log for you to see what was going on.…
  • I just tried to download "obk.exe" whatever the that is?. Answer me this Bitdefender. Why do I have to download "Safepay" from some random website? How do I even know it's the right "Safepay"? I did a search and can't find it anywhere on Bitdefenders Support/Central site anywhere. Found lots of other "tools" etc…