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  • Thank you for another response. Although I've used computers for quite some time and have some familiarity with them, I'm not really sure what you're asking me to send you. What is a repro step and which logs do you need? When I use BItdefender to scan my computer, there's a log created which shows the results. Is this the…
  • I'm willing to try that, but I'm not sure what kind of screenshots you want me to send. Basically, I have a Dynabook TV Center shortcut icon on my desk top. When I click on it while ATD is ON, the software opens then immediately closes. If I turn ATD OFF and then click on the shortcut, the software opens and I'm able to…
  • I and at one other user are getting the same message as explained at So far, the workaround suggested didn't work, at least not for me. It's starting to seem like this is an issue on Bitdefender's end. This…
  • I disabled the Recommendation notification feature, but I'm still getting the message about unsafe WiFi. Any other ideas as to why this might be happening?
  • No, I did not. I only think it's the ATD because the TV software starts when I deactivate ATD first, but will not start when ATD is already activated. 
  • I'm also unable to close the "Unsafe Wi-Fi network" window that keeps popping up. I click on "x" and on "Not now", but the window just immediately reopens again. I do have a home wi-fi network, but the computer I have Bitdefender installed on is not connected to it. I still get the same pop up window even when connected to…
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