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  • Hi, I had complain about this issues, but there's no solution provided. So, I try this out. Before: All the registry scanning time increased. Most obviously, MV RegClean Registry scanning time increased, 20 minutes above. Frostwire Unable to connect After disable the Active Virus Control Every registry cleaner scanning…
  • The notification that you refer to, is normal and it should be displayed every time you run a scan from Novice Mode. I'm using Expert Mode. So, the notification that I refer to is from Expert Mode. It also displayed every time, is it normal too? Scan Task that I started was Deep System Scan, which is the same started from…
  • Instead of keep adding a new topic, I would like to post all the issues or bug I found, here. 'Minimize Scan Wizard to System Tray' it shows this notification everytime when scan task begins. It should be shown in the first time only, isn't it? and if not mistaken, notice…
  • In the end, I'm back to v2009. Due to v2010: unstable, firewall problem, dragging pc performance, clash with several applications. Bitdefender provides strong protection, but the problem is, program not stable enough. Hope that Bitdefender will fix the issues and more improvements. Thanks.
  • Unfortunately, The solution did work for me, but after another reboot, the problem will face up again and again... I need to keep doing that procedure to keep my firewall works. How can I stop the problem?
  • Thank you, Alex. The solution works...
  • I'm having the same problem here... Please send me a copy of the procedure / solution, Thanks.
  • Hi, what is the path file for scannen of file transer for windows live messenger? Thank you in advance! I think is "C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2008\vsserv.exe".
  • Hi I have purchsed BIS2008 about 2 months before (I'm one of 3 persons sharing a 3-user code)... Now I have 290 days remaining (or so...)......... Can I use the same serial number I have purchased to activate BIS2009 ? (sure after uninstall BIS2008) from my PC...... Because in the upgrade section in I…