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  • I think bitdefender products will be able to protect against this type of threat. considering the october AV test i'm skeptical.
  • Most likely normal. Sunday night and minimal activity. If it still doesn't update today and shows error messages in the event log then there may be a problem. thanks for replying antikythera.The event log doesn't show any errors but there still is much time in between updates 5 hours and more and the update seems to be the…
  • Thank you for all your help antikythera & columbo. The issue is currently tested internally and I will post back if I need any additional information from you which may help the development team. Thanks again, have a beautiful week ahead! with new build virus signature still at 0 and quick scan scanned 0 items.
  • If you perform a search on this forum you'll see many cases of infected PCs which is normal. There is no product with full AV protection in real world. New virus is an every day thing and is impossible for any AV product to face it. As for adware which BD cannot find, this is also a very old, common and every day BD habit…
  • Even if they fix this, which seems to be impossible for many years now, bugs and unresolved issues are still remaining also for many years, so Bitdefender is not going to be the best security solution ever as it never was. Most people trust comparison tests and reviews getting their opinion from them. Only a few people…
  • Hello Georgia, Sorry to report that Quick Scan still shows zero with Internet Security build on vista x64. Scan log attached. same thing for BDTS on windows 7
  • Georgia, thanks for the explanation above. I would still like to know what was blocked by web scan but can't locate the information within BD. I checked all the component events. A simple summary is fine if the information is accessible somehow elsewhere. A clickable link to the event log to where this information is…
  • Misters, in the version of 2011, there was a similar problem, but it doesn't influence protection generally. good to hear that. so it is not normal then, since it was fixed before.but if protection is not affected i guess it's ok.
  • I think it is a bug preventing the display of signatures on the scan reports. detections are working. better than my spelling in last post anyhow, 'lastest' "That means that no malware or viruses were found registered on our data base." I was given that answer as an explanation by support team.
  • Hello Georgia, yes the same is still occurring after the lastest update. See attached still the same issue wether it's a quick scan or system scan does that mean that bd will not recognize new virus with signature 0?
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