• I submitted a ticket to the support team. After several emails, they said that this is a known issue and they are working on a solution. They said the fix would be included in an automatic update. They didn't say what the issue is.
  • Yes, I too got the "Import Successful" message from BD but none of the accounts show up in BD. I did this using an exported csv from 1Password. Also, the non-csv formatted file from 1Password is not supported as an import file to BD. I am using the trial version of BD. How can I commit to BD if I can't import lots of…
  • Rethought... Sticking with Bitdefender. It is the best protection, IMO.
  • Thanks. Went there. Found out that my 3 year TS subscription is indeed wasted if I buy an Armor subscription. And since my subscription that expires August 18, 2024, cannot be refunded since I am past the 30 DAY refund period. Now I'm rethinking any involvement with BD at all in the future.
  • So, if I understand this, my three year subscription to TS will be essentially wasted if I buy an Armor subscription since that subscription also provides TS?
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