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  • On 10/29/2018 at 4:49 AM, Sergiu C. said: Hi, The setting "Automatically launch Bitdefender VPN at startup" only refers to starting the VPN service, which places the VPN icon in your system tray and allows you to connect to the VPN. Basically it starts the program, but does not connect you to a server automatically. I'm…
  • I'll bump this. I'd like to do the same, have the VPN auto-connect at start up is there anyway to do this? I have the run at startup and Task Manager shows a BD vpn is loaded and taking some memory but it is not connected to a server I have to do manually.
  • 1 hour ago, Phyrexis said: I might have solved this.. I am not sure but this can almost not be a coincidence. I went ahead and disabled the 'Windows Search' service which is responsible for indexing the disk. As soon as I did the process stopped peaking disk usage. Hope it helps others too! OK but I want those files and HD…
  • My start up programs are minimal, just system files to get to the desktop and Bitdefender, and it's not just the loading of Bitdefender to get to the tray icon but for 20 minutes or more it bogs down my Toshiba P55-A and programs cannot run without hitting the "program is not responding" wall and reload the GUI's. This is…
  • My P2P was already disabled.
  • I get a lot of " name of program (not responding)" especially early on after booting up and before the Bitdefender B comes up in the task bar and while it keeps saying Bitdender services are still loading. Outlook, Chrome, Aquamail. Outlook will lose most of it's graphic interface sit there then pop back in. Typing gets…
  • Got the same thing, I get that black screen and after about 5 minutes the BD task bar icon finally shows up but takes another 7 minutes for the "please wait while BD services are loading" message goes away. All the while it says I am no protected because the anti-phiishing module didn't load. Just before a finally get the…
  • I get this also and have disable auto-scan and have been trying to use scheduled. If the scans starts it in particular causes Outlook to go into "not responding" mode. Just hung me up trying to get an email out with both the email and main Outlook window fading into "not responding" mode. Can't force the scan to stop…
  • Is this why I get lots of notifications of a scan starting even if I had one just an hour ago?
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