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  • Im having the same problem. Every time I start my pc (win7 64 bit) the firewall is disabled and I have to manually enable it. It used to start all the time but now for some reason it doesnt. How can I fix this please?
  • Thanks Dany, I have set it up again and it appears to be working. If there is no problem with mixing 32 and 64 bit machines then you will have to change the following article: http://kb.bitdefender.com/site/KnowledgeBase/article/792/ Cheers David
  • Thanks Dany - The email doesnt say anything about generated log files. But I did want one thing clarified - Is it true that you cannot successfully establish a home network with a mix of 64 and 32 bit Windows 7 machines? If so then this would be a major design flaw. Printer drivers can handle it, Itunes can handle it. The…
  • I am a new user and have noticed a problem with blocking websites. I have parental control turned on with all the default web control settings. My son was doing a project on buddhism. He typed buddhism into googles search engine and he keeps on getting a message saying the website was blocked by BD. How could a google…
  • I have just installed BD on three computers and so I set up a home network. Everything was fine. A day later I go into the settings of my "Server" and click on home network and it has disabled everything I did! No-one else has done it because I have a password protected everything in BD. I will manually add my other two…
  • Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I turn on remote parental control and it does not appear on the website. When you click the link at the bottom that says "i do not see all my PC accounts here", nothing happens. Also when logging on to my account, from my home page there is no link to the parental control section.…
  • Thanks, Yes, BitDefender installed but I wouldnt say with no issues. I was just trying to help. I have installed hundreds of different programs and the BitDefender install was one of the worst I have had. I really think you need to review your install program. The first thing I would do is remove the check for any newer…
  • Is the online installer required? I just downloaded the 64 bit file and ran that to install. I removed avira and comodo using control panel > programs I will send the sysdump file soon. I cannot recreate the problem as I have bit defender installed and working and I have not got the time to uninstall and reinstall it…
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