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  • Having used Bitdefender for many years myself, the only viable solutions I am aware of is finding an alternative product which doesn't behave like the things its supposed to insulate its users from. They've made a serious error in their product upsell strategy. I did get support to write me that this is a defect they are…
  • I've had it with this VPN re-installing itself with EVERY update on back end. I've uninstalled via the "Uninstall VPN only" method several times and am tired of it returning. Bitdefender has become nothing but bloatware at this point with this relentless upsell for VPN. Time for a new product.
  • Same position as above - viewing this product as bloatware / malware with this unconsented VPN installation. The idea I have to keep uninstalling it is absurd. What is wrong with the product manager to think this is okay?
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