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  • Yes Nisei, just to confirm, I had exactly same issue with FireFox, with nssutil.dll being deleted and Generic Trojan 1607990 being reported resulting in FireFox not starting. I manually updated BD about an hour ago, reinstalled FireFox over the top of the original installation and all works fine.Im using FireFox now while…
  • My FireFox is now working fine after last update about 10 mins ago. Just needed to reinstal FF and all is well.
  • Same problem for me with FireFox, Removes and deletes nssutil.dll and reports it as Trojan Generic 1607990
  • Now here's an interesting thing.. I've installed COMODO free firewall,turned the Bitdefender security suite firewall off, and re run all the tests I tried before, including "Wall Breaker" a test app that attempts to trick trusted programs to send info. COMODO popped up a warning for every attempt on every test, but here's…
  • I understand you.I was using BD 10 also with a 3-d party firewall due to suite firewall weakness. But there is a good side of the problem ,if you would had bought the BD 2009 Antivirus a lot of good features (excluding the firewall) would not be there. So buying BDIS 2009 was a good choice even if you need to use another…
  • OK, I noticed that in my Windows security centre screen, the firewall was showing as switched on, but there was no mention that it was my Bitdefender firewall. I manually turned the Windows firewall off, and made sure that my BD firewall was switched on, but it still only indicated that "a" firewall was active, there was…
  • What version of BD Antivirus did you used with Zone Alarm previouslly? If it was BD 2008 then you may try and disable the BD 2009 suite firewall and pair it with ZoneAlarm again ,to see if they behave in this combination.There are also other freeware firewalls that can be used together with BD (Comodo for example or PC…
  • I have the exact same issue. No spyware scan completed with any of the scan options. I know v10 is an older version now, but the full programme should be supported for the life of the licence. I cant seem to get anywhere on this. All I want is peace of mind, after all thats what I paid for. I was gonna update to the full…
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