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  • Hello everyone, As promised, we have some news regarding the Widget. The development team has launched today the update containing the new Widget, rejoice! However, please take note that the release is done incrementally, today it has been launched to the first 10k batch of our users. The update is expected to reach all of…
  • Hello and Happy new year to everybody! Yes, we know that you are waiting to see this widget re-launched. We've said it's going to be in the first quarter and we are keeping our promise. Obviously not in the first week and also not in the last week of the first quarter. But it's going to be rather towards the end of…
  • It's coming back! Yes, you heard it here first! We were so impressed by the outpouring of feedback about the widget over the past few months, that we took some time and worked out a plan for the widget's return! We're making some improvements and giving it a facelift. When will this all happen you ask? It's going to be…
  • Hello, Bogdan here from the Product department. My colleagues and I appreciate your feedback and the passion you show in helping us make our products better. We also love the widget, and it was not an easy decision to remove it from the product. The main reason for doing so is that it creates a lot of issues in terms of…

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Ukrainian Government Websites Defaced in Massive Cyberattack

Hackers took down and defaced several Ukrainian government websites after diplomatic talks between Ukrainian, Russian and US officials reached a dead end on Thursday.

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Top Five Security Tips for iPhone Owners in 2022

‘Less is more applies’ perfectly to exploits targeting iOS. They are rare, but can inflict major damage..

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Critical Vulnerability in 3 WordPress Plugins Impacts 84,000 Websites

“Security experts last week disclosed a critical WordPress plugin vulnerability affecting over 84,000 websites"

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