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  • I've got this problem also with the "Work Profile has been activated notification" there is no way to switch this off and it's annoying, sad almost a year later and nothing has been done about it, looking to other AV options now as there has been no official communication that this is going to be fixed or a option to…
  • Hi Could you please provide me more details about your line? Do you use a modem or a router? Could you please make a screenshot from that section and post it here? Take care. Hi there Christian I pinpointed the program using my line, it's Bitdefender updating. Thanks for your help.
  • Hello Welcome back! We do have an option in the firewall module. Open Bitdefender, click on Settings and go to the Firewall module. From there, choose the Advanced tab. Click on Firewall activity and you have a live overview of all the connections running through the Firewall module. Let me know if you have other…
  • I have the same problem on Internet Security, let me know if any logs ect are needed.
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