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  • I'm using Windows 7 premium home BitDefender Internet Security 2010 version 13.0.19 When trying to restore the quarantined files all files located in the \Windows\system 32\, Windows\SysWOW64\, Windows\system 32\drivers\ and all files that have anything to do with BD cant be restored. First there is the warning "the file…
  • Keeping your pc on is the best choice, a lot of my applications still don't work. I restored all the quarantined files that didn't give me the error message. The ones that gave me the error message still don't seem to work properly. Without a real fix for the quarantined items it's too risky to reboot.
  • Thx Chimel, thanks to your method i am able to restore many files. The click ok first and cancel next. I am able to restore almost all OEM files but it will take a while since i have around 35000 quarantined and can't select them all in once so i have to do 20 by 20. To be continued... Some of the restored DLL's don't work…
  • I have exactly the same problem as you. "Path already exists" and i have around 35000 files quarantined with that Trojan.FakeAlert.5 thing. I cant open any other program. Only firefox is the only working thing on my comp. I didnt reboot my pc yet and i wont untill i have a working solution. Yeah i am keeping my PC on as…
  • The directory is at C:\ProgramData\BitDefender\Desktop\Quarantine But do note that the files are renamed by BitDefender. I am not sure if it works but you might want to try renaming them to the original names but that will take forever if you have hundreds. I think the easiest is for BitDefender team to come out with a…
  • The problem is: Bitdefender won't restore any of the system32 files to ANY directory, not even desktop, I get the "path does not exist" error haha... even though my desktop does exist. So i can't restore those files to anywhere.
  • You should be running BitDefender in Expert mode to see the Quarantine folder. Go to settings to change your view to Expert mode. I can see the quarantine in Bitdefender, I'm already using Expert, i mean in windows explorer, I can't restore from Bitdefender because it's giving me the "file already exists" and "path not…
  • Where is your quarantine directory, i'm running 64 bit windows 7 and i can't find it?
  • Thanks, my last update was 7.30848, so I guess that was not the fix? Where did you find that info? Thanks again, Snacko I have the same update as you, automatic update says there's no new updates so i don't know how people have anything higher than...848
  • Where is the quarantine directory for Windows 7 64? I need to know the path.[/size] I can't search in windows explorer and I can't seem to find it. Please reply.
  • I have this problem also. What's worse is that there are HUNDREDS of files in my quarantine from the Trojan.FakeAlert.5 problem from this morning. I have the last fix update Virus signatures : 5474032 Engine Version 7.30848 Last update 20/03/2010 1:43:15 PM Mountain time. I know if I reboot my computer I wont be able to…
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