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  • Anyone have any tips or updates for me to try, please? I am still having the same issue with the widget, and would really like to use ite. Thank you in advance!
  • I really like the widget. However, when I drag it to one of my 4K monitors, the widget scale gets out of whack and I get slider bars on the right side and bottom side of the widget. I cannot make the slider bars go away. If I drag the widget back to my main monitor (43 inch ultra wide), the widet scales just fine, and the…
  • I closed the registration window, and canceled the registration process. I then opened the main BitDefender program, and it showed I have 364 days of protection left, so I guess I don't have to register the other installations of the product when I install it. I will keep this in mind when I install the remaining copies of…
  • BitDefender Support responded: There are 2 main reasons from which you could receive this error message: a) Your license key was already recognized during the installation process skipping the registration step - this is possible if you have used a previous Bitdefender version and the license key is still valid. In this…