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  • I can't believe that this is back again. I was driven nuts by this a month or two ago and now this morning I start getting blocked out of trivial sites like Yahoo mail and Google. What kind of regression testing are you doing on your updates? Shouldn't this get caught in the lab before it gets released to the public and…
  • Happened again this morning. Blocked Engine version: 7.34531 Virus signatures: 6273222 A remote session is pointless - it happens randomly, and often hitting refresh causes the site to load properly. Its annoying but it isn't as bad as it was last week.
  • After being fixed for a few days this problem has returned again. Why is this happening? If the problem is resolved how does it reappear a few days later? I'm sorry, but this is frustrating. The sites blocked so far today are: and As usual, hitting refresh about 6-10 times eventually…
  • Followed the instructions above and while it appeared to be working at first, it has gone back to blocking random sites. Rebooted and tried to connect to using Chrome and it blocked it, then I opened Firefox to see if it would do the same and it blocked the Firefox start page:…
  • This is really getting out of hand. Occasional web pages were being blocked and that was ok because when you follow a link you're never quite sure where you're going, but now pages like are being blocked and it seems like the problem just gets worse and worse. I have taken the advice from a previous thread and…
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