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  • I've another 160+ days of my license. After that most likely I'll drop BitDefender firewall and go with some other solution. To much problems with this one. I gave up on this .... solved it by removing Bitdefender and installing Kaspersky.
  • I have the same problem. I've been playing around with the Firewall rules to no success. The support of GBridge could not help me too as the settings of the software and the firewall seams OK. @DerekB: Did you manage to fix that in any way? @BitDeffender Support Team: Do you have any other ideas? Thank you in advanced for…
  • Hello Grasshopper, Please try the steps bellow : 1. Open BitDefender, click on Settings, select the Expert Mode then click on Ok . 2. Choose the Firewall module, click on the Network tab and under "Network Configuration" please select your adapter and change the "Trust Level" to "Trusted Local", "Stealth" to "Off" and…
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