• Today I got a reply to my ticket and indeed the un/re-installing is the recommended fix: Hello Hannu, Thank you for your reply. The situation you have encountered is usually being caused by an outdated Bitdefender Agent present on your device. In order to completely remove/uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, please…
  • I uninstalled Bitdefender completely which was a but complicated job to do. Uninstall didn't work and "manual Method 1" neither. Then I reinstalled, updated and system scanned. And now it seems to work properly. If only one could trust this status will stay.
  • My renew date is soon and I will not renew unless this problem is fixed. Bdldaemon was using 100% of CPU for two days and it was obviously stocked. Full scan sticks at random file. This is not a product which should be on the market. Fixing problems takes far too long.
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