• Bitdefender - Protection - Firewall Settings - Network Adapters Check each computer.
  • Are ALL Bitdefender - Firewall Settings - Network Adapters set to use same network?
  • Finally found a solution for my system. Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn Windows features on or off - SMB 1.0 [ALL checked] - Select OK to close windows - Restart. Something I found about Windows 10 ethernet and SMB protocols. Wish I could remember the link.
  • Thank you for the timely response. I imported the certificate as you suggested. It seems to be working fine now. As for the Outlook/Comcast email problems, I played around with different port numbers and SSL/TLS settings and found a combination that is working for now. Incoming POP3: 995 & SSL Outgoing SMTP: 465 & SSL…
  • OK. Let's start with Encrypted Web Scan has to be disabled in order to work with Firefox, which causes a "Red X" on the status page. (I wonder how many firefox users are out there) Secondly, there's the issue with AntiSpam only functional on specific ports. My ISP (one of the largest in USA) requires ports 993/587 POP3 or…
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