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  • 10 minutes ago, Riot2212 said: sure your money your choice, then go somewhere else and cry, people whine about the stupidest things, you think you are so entitled, i bet you think the world revolves around you too don't you. because I am pointing out the obvious? No, because you have not a clue. And comparing really, you…
  • 2 minutes ago, Riot2212 said: think about it before you cry about it, every agent and employee is probably busy, their phone systems are so backed up people cant get through, their online chat is the same thing, they are working quick to fix the update, can you say the same thing about any other software developer? i've…
  • 2 minutes ago, Chris-G said: The question is, can you name any antivirus that hasn't had a bad update at some time? The question here to ask, have you had a bad update that left all your systems completely unprotected? No I must be lucky, because in my 20+ years, I do not recall an update that left ANY systems open.
  • 3 minutes ago, Rick2wise said: So what is a good alternative to buy? I used Kaspersky before. BestBuy dropped them because of the whole russia thing, which is too bad. However, I think they still have more credibility than some other options. Eset was one of my favorites, but they don't seem as good as they once were.…
  • All my systems. ALL. I will not ever use nor recommend bitdefender. This is completely unacceptable. That is not a over reaction, this should NEVER happen!
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