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  • Same problem here! Please resolve this problem or I'll switch to another AV package. Btw: indeed last update doen not solve the problem Nico
  • Good afternoon. Last week I installed the latest version of Bitdefender,, on a Vista Home SP2 x86 desktop computer. I uninstalled the 2013 version first and then after a reboot I installed the latest version. My license expires in about 300 days. After I installed the new version everything appeared to be…
  • Today Internet Security 2014 is automaticly updated to version (Dutch) Offline installation packages at Bitdefender site not updated at the moment.. But hope they will follow in the coming days. Good news, Total security online installation Dutch version also updated to But... since update problem…
  • @Bitdefender When will Dutch builds will be updated. IS 2014 still at And the offline download packages still at 17.16 - 3 dec. Bitdefender: Soon. Now we can wait and see what they call "soon". Time will tell...., keep us updated ;-)
  • Still no reaction from Bitdefender... Dutch customers that payed for the software arn't that important i think..? English version received an update again.. Still no updates to the Dutch Build. Yes, it seems we aren't important to them! I understand it takes a little longer for a non-english update, but if…
  • I have the same question.. The Dutch offline installer is still at In my Case it's Internet Security. But when updated still at Since their are 4 newer builds.. Why doesn't the Dutch version don't get updated as much as the Original English one. I agree! That's why I'm using the…
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