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  • Hi. I have caused the crash again and checked to see whether the gzserv.exe service was still running. Indeed, it was. I think I can further narrow it down but I'm not sure this is the right place for bug reports.
    in Crash Comment by Love4Boobies July 2014
  • Please reread my post and/or its title. The game does not crash; BitDefender does. If I do have malware that's even more reason to not trust BitDefender---but I doubt that's the issue here. Anyway, I noticed I didn't mention that I'm running Windows 8.1.
    in Crash Comment by Love4Boobies June 2014
  • Seems to be an incompatibility issue period. Only people running AI Suite III onwards are affected by the looks of it. I got the AI Suite II supplied with my mainboard working happily with Bitdefender but that version may not be appropriate for your Asus product.…
  • Thanks, neomage. That was indeed the issue. Can I still use these utilities after installing BitDefender? In other words, are they incompatible or is it an install time issue?
  • How do you expect me to use the support utility to generate a log for you if the OS hangs? I can't move the mouse to click the "Next" button after reproducing the issue. I confirm I am using a genuine Windows installation (FPP license, if it matters, although it probably doesn't). I have not updated from a previous version…
  • I just tried it on another machine and got the exact same result. I think we can pretty much confirm that Windows 8/8.1 are not supported at this point (well, they may be "officially supported" by the company but they don't have anything usable at this point). WARNING: IT MAY BRICK YOUR WINDOWS INSTALLATION, AS IT DID…
  • Hi, I'm experiencing a similar problem on a clean Windows 8.1 (64-bit) installation: the whole OS hanged (no BSoD, though). The cop-out answer is not to use BitDefender, which made a terrible first impression on me. Funnily enough, the forum account activation link sent to my e-mail lead me to a page with an error message…
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