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  • Hi Watson, If you are running Windows 10 Microsoft Security Essentials is built in and you can not remove it. However during the install Bitdefender will disable the Windows security feature which is Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials was only a manual install on previous versions of Windows. No…
  • I checked the link you posted. I see where they are going with the NIC. I would recommend completly uninstalling the program from your mac and if you know who, remove all plists from the mac that refrenece bitdefender. You can find them in your /(username)/Library/Preferences folder. Then remove the device from Central.…
  • Hi Rahul2022, Click on protection --> Firewall Settings --> Rules. Then add rule. Go to advanced settings and toggel the "custom" local address. You can put the IP of your computer and the port. If you use DHCP try localhost or as the address. This is the loopback and depending on your database config you maybe…
  • If it's not loading, I would recommend clearing your browser history and/or cookies and then restart the browser. Then log in again. This works different depending on the browser. I've added some links below. Chrome Firefox And just in case Safari
  • Überprüfen Sie Ihr Bitdefender Central-Login. In Ihrem Dashboard oder in Angeboten sollten Sie die Möglichkeit eines Upgrades sehen. Just in case my German is real bad...... Check your Bitdefender Central login. In your dashboard or in Offers you should see the possibility to upgrade.
  • wirywrestler, keep in mind any information I provide should still be verified by Bitdefender. xss.in is most likely a cross-site scripting exploit. You should always ensure the web sites you intend to go to are actually the site you want to be at. Always use HTTPS where possible and then click on the lock to verify the…
  • How is this marked as answered if the user has not received a ticket number or a reply from support?
  • I absolutly hate when a company relays doing something as a "gift". Like they are giving the software away? Everyone gets Bit Defender for free? Please, as I said in an earlier post its very nice that they broght back a feature that the customer base wanted back. But don't pass it on as a favor. Did you have to do it, no…
  • It's great that the company listened to the community on this issue. But I hope this is not forced on everyone. It should be a setting to see it or now. For me AV is like car insurance. I pay for it but I don't want to hear anything from it or about it until I need it. Then it should just do what I paid for, work.
  • I would hope as a return customer you would get the $40 dollars. As long as the description and the product is the same I would renew through the program. I am also up for renewal and I will not renew for a more expensive price than I originally purcashed the product.