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  • You know what guys at Bitdefender, forget the whole thing. I've decided to not go ahead and purchase, nor recommend your product. Information security consists of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Your product delivers neither Integrity nor Availability as I can not depend on my computers while your products are…
  • Another day has passed by and nothing? I am being as cooperative as possible with BD. BSOD's are happening a few times a day, generally at system startup but I have also experienced it at some random time later on. I would really appreciate some acknowledgement that someone has seen these posts and are working on…
  • Carmen, I downloaded and installed the file contained at as requested. To clarify, the archive was actually a .reg file to be applied? Results; BSOD still continue, strangely it seems to be at every reboot. That means after I reboot I will get a BSOD, the machine will reboot and then be…
  • Hi Carmen, Thank you for the prompt response. As a habit, I examined the contents of the fix and found an explicit entry referring to Path_TotalSecurity Is this consistent across all Bitdefender products? I have BD Internet Security 2010 Installed, will that make a difference to the fix? Hello all, Regarding your issue,…
  • Hi, Experiencing exactly the same problems as described by everyone else. Yesterday 15th February, I installed the trial version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 and upon reboot after reboot received BSODs All refering to bdselfpr.sys as described by other users. Version of bdselfpr.sys is By renaming…
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