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  • Now when trying the same via IMAP have similar problem with Outlook 2016: I have 2 mailboxes from different providers. Both with the same settings: 1) * * SSL 993/465 2) * * SSL 993/465 When VPN is on (automatic mode) then mailbox1 receiving/sending…
  • I have already solved it by allowing SSL connection for POP3
  • There should be some time delay if needed after Win start of course. Also can keep current functionality for manual start/stop as well. I am just asking to add that optional function for automated activation because we are forced to switch it after every Win login manually. It is annoying a lot.
  • I suggest to consider these 2 options: 1) Encrypting sync (Avoid of risk unprotected data transfers between PC and cloud) 2) Encrypting data storage (I don't want to let anybody see my data stored in Safebox)
  • Hello We are currently investigating this issue and I will get back to you with an answer. Have a great week! It works OK since I have used iPhone app for access. Consequently PC version started to shows 2GB free space as well...
  • Hi You should also try this: Thank you. So is there still no solution how to get rid off it definitely?? I hate this fu.king bar!
  • Hello, We are working on fixing this. For the display issue (toolbar still displayed even if 'show BD toolbar' is turned off) check if the setting is saved in: C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2012\settings\aph\S-1-5-<a-bunch-of-numbers>\apsett.xml You should have the following settings: ( <http.hui>…
  • It is only another proof that less functions = less problems :-) My favorite version was 2011 but this 2012 dissapointed me so far. Looks great but works funny. Personally I hate redundant bars, info-windows, logos, adds etc. and having no idea what for it is suitable... I hope in the future there will be an easy and…
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