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  • Thanks Alexandru. I got an email from support this morning. They also think that using the switch as you describe should work, and that it might be necessary to power cycle the modem. I have tried both and that doesn't work. Hopefully they will get back to me with a solution.
  • For what it's worth, the US phone number listed on the Box Support page just takes you to Bitdefender support. They apparently no longer have a dedicated support line. I am still very happy with my Box but it seems like it's been more or less abandoned by Bitdefender. I contacted chat support as you suggested. He also told…
  • Thanks, Scott. I called support (no charge -- I don't know why). The person who answered the phone didn't know how to turn off the guest network, but offered to have somebody call me back. That was several days ago and I haven't heard anything. I'll do as you suggest. Thanks.
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