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  • Thank you for your reply columbo. Setting Folder and Process exclusions for CCleaner seems to do the trick. I've testet CCleaner a few times after Folder and Process exclusions, and I'm able to run CCleaner without issues. I'll give it a day or two. If I'm not experiencing any issues, this post can get a solved mark on it.…
  • Sorry I'm OT now, but this made me really unsure. If there are stored recovery information to the filevault, that would mean there are a backdoor to the program. And that my friends is a huge security flaw in my mind. For a company aiming to be the best in PC and online security, I realy hope there's not any masterkey or…
  • Hello , Please send me a PM with your email address and purchase order number ( if purchased via Google Play ) to see what went wrong and I'll get back to you with more information. Message sendt
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