• Thanks for the reply, @Alexandru_BD. I do not own an Xbox. This post is about Xbox Multiplayer on Windows 11. At any rate, I have decided to use simplewall instead as there are too many issues with Bitdefender Firewall:…
  • That's great, @Alexandru_BD! Do you know why the published current version is still https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/32196/ That's also the version I have even after checking for updates. Any idea how long before version makes it to all computers?
  • > @Alexandru_BD said: > @Taggg I agree this is a very useful feature and it's dissapointing to see that it's not working as it should right now, but in terms of security, it is not critical for the Firewall's performance. I want more control over my firewall, so it is critical to me.
  • @Alexandru_BD any updates on this? My subscription renewal is coming up, and alert mode firewall is a critical feature for me.
  • +1 Continuing to use Glasswire until this is resolved.
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