• thanks, i noticed that on TV website and signed up for their outrage emails , i thought i might have been BD as it had blocked my music editing software that is a part of my roland synth the other night , got that fixed up so i thought i may have been the firewall again
  • 15 minutes ago, DAN57150 said: Hello Tekno303, I forced the update ... You have to uninstall-reinstall BD Thanks Mate , i saw your response to someone in french , lucky i can can read and write in 10 languages , i followed your advice to someone else on the french forum and followed your advice , all my hard drives are now…
  • 1 hour ago, DAN57150 said: Hello, The problem is solved with the latest build ( Dan how do i get this ?i just updated and as you can see , no version thanks 
  • Fairly disgusted with the lack of thought for this issue , ive lost countless hours of work on my external hard drive , having to completely turn my pc off , just to safely remove my hard drive is inexcusable Quote Thank you for contacting Bitdefender. We kindly inform you that we are aware of this situation and our…
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