• So, I stand corrected, according to System Information, my BIOS mode is Legacy. However, I have loaded my BIOS many times and it is the ASUS EFI BIOS. As for secure boot state, it displays as Unsupported.
  • So sorry for the delay, long work hours had me almost forget about this! And after I thought about that, I realized what you meant with architecture lol, my apologies. As for those questions: - 64 bit - I have EFI on my motherboard SAID to be exact) - I'll check that tonight after work - I was running the most recent…
  • Build 10074, I was using Bitdefender 2015. If you'll clarify what information you're looking for with architecture, I'll gladly provide whatever you need, always glad to help, I got it resolved for now by refreshing my Windows 10, it 'archived' all my files in windows.old and gave me a fresh install. However, like I said,…
  • I agree and understand, just frustrating when things like this break the entire pc :/
  • Well that's good to know, considering I just renewed my subscription with them :/
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