• 6 hours ago, Marius G. said: Hello, Issue was identified and a fix is currently being delivered. Please keep in mind that it may take some time until the patch reaches all devices. Did you fix the issue where it blocks network printers too? Been happening for a long time, even if I exclude the ip address.
  • The main issue I had last month was that I could not unistall it at all. Had to get a unistall tool from support, that they don't have available on their website. Very annoying. I agree, I wouldn't pay for Bitdefender at this time.
  • I had this issue 1 month ago. The solution was to uninstall it with a tool Bitdefender support sent me, and then re-install. It started happening again today. Bitdefender has also decided my network printers are malicious sites, and won't allow them to print. I think it's time to find another antivirus program...
  • 16 hours ago, Icefire said: Thanks for posting your solution Your welcome. But apparently Bitdefender has decided to remove my solution. The links to the uninstaller that works are no longer in my post.
  • Support sent me links to an uninstaller that actually works. I have reinstalled Bitdefender, and so far it has updated twice. Will see if it continues to update correctly. Please try downloading and running one of these tools to uninstall Antivirus Free:
  • I put in support ticket as well.
  •  I thought of doing that, but where it asks for your product, the free version is not listed. I figured no support for the free version was available. Let us know if you hear anything. Thanks
  • I just tried using Revo uninstaller to remove it. That won't work either. Does Bitdefender support read these forums? It would be nice to find the answer to this problem.
  • 40 minutes ago, Icefire said: Have anyone tried to manually update Bitdefender by downloading the update? https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/10690/ Please post if this helps or not. Yes, I tried that too. I get a message that a Bitdefender program must currentlt be installed, and then it closes. Of course…
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