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  • I'm still at build but today the BD Wallet add-on is no longer disabled.
  • 5 hours ago, sebastian05000 said: Before i had that issue but i updated bitdefender and it activated again in my firefox 49.0.2 What build of BD are you at? Mine says and "Up To Date" and wallet still disabled in Firefox.
  • 14 minutes ago, Rohugh said: Wallet works for me. Firefox 49.0.2: Windows 10 AU: BD TS Strange, I'm also on Windows 10, Firefox 49.0.2, and BD If I go to Tools - Add-ons it says "Bitdefender Wallet could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled". No reply to my email ticket as yet.
  • I opened an email ticket for this issue (after upgrading to BD Total Security 2017 the BD Wallet Addon is disabled in Firefox). If I receive a reply I'll post the answer here.
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