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  • any body here?
  • Hi batorgil, Can you send me a PM with the license key you used in order to register your new BitDefender ? Also, I notice that you requested a new password for your online account, did you receive an e-mail with the link you need in order to confirm it ? I am waiting for your answer. Thank you! I sent PM.
  • I have install bitdefender antivirus 2011. But i can't registr. error : The BitDefender license key is invalid! Your system is no longer protected! Press the button below to get a valid license for your BitDefender product. If you already have a license key, click 'Add your new key' to register the product. My license key…
  • Hello batorgil, I will contact you via the email address associated to your forum account. Thank you. Thank you George Radulescu. I lost My License key. Could I change my License key? I'm sorry. Is it possible? My English is not good. And, I can't update a bitdefender antivirus 2009. It is updating bdcore.dll for one hour.…
  • I have a same problem. Please sent to me patch by email. Thank you. Please re sent to me. thank you.
  • Hello bani and pepper , We have sent you an email with the patch attached. Please reply if you need further assistance . Thank you . I have a same problem. Please sent to me patch by email. Thank you.
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