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  • Dear Danny, Key sent, please check
  • Thank you, My Bitdefender can now detect that virus but there are still 3 things upset me: (1) Bitdefender can only quarantine, thus destroy the infected file. Symant*c can peacefully clean (disinfect) without deleting the file (2) The Bitdefender IS setup file, which I have just downloaded few minutes ago, does not…
  • File curently detected as Win32.Virtob.CM. Detection added around 10 PM GMT+2. Sorry, but I have just updated my Bitdefender but it still could not detect any virus in that file
  • The virus sample is in the attachment. Because this forum does not allow uploading rar file, so , I changed the extension to .doc Therefore, after getting the attachment, revert it to .rar password is infected /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4906" data-fileid="4906" rel="">
  • You can also try Vundofix: This will be the fastest and easiest option. Run the tool and it will scan for virtumonde/Vundo/Conhook related files and delete them. In case it doesn't recognise the ones you have, you can rightclick in Vundofix and select the option to add more…
  • another method I can think up is using command prompt: rd/q/s "C:\windows\system32\yayayxy.dll" what's your opinion?
  • When it's indeed Adware.Virtumonde.GFH, it will be loaded under winlogon.exe and explorer.exe/iexplore.exe (since it runs as a Browser Helper Object as well). if you're under Vista, then you can deal with this easily since Vista doesn't support Winlogon Notify packages..; So in that case, just kill explorer.exe and…
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