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  • It's clear that there is a lack of communication here. I am NOT saying that the issue with the blocked websites is caused by the Scan HTTP traffic option (it's an option not a feature). The issue is due to one of the our cloud servers. Furthermore, I know there are some notifications about this issue on the forums however…
  • To: DanyDan I apologize but it appears the point has been missed. Let me be more specific. The point here is that this is a feature we have paid for. We want this feature to work. End of story. We gave money to your company for this program and an update service; now we would like the program to perform as advertised. The…
  • Hello everyone, We have made some final adjustments on our servers and the issue should be now resolved. The pages are blocked by the Real Time Protection and NOT by the Antiphishing module. I would recommend you all to have the 'Scan HTTP traffic' disabled in the Antivirus -> Custom Level. If however still encounter this…
  • Hi, Please tell me if: - you updated BitDefender; - the number of Signatures and Engine version; - what browser are you using - all the pages currently blocked (FULL link); - a screenshot of the notification you receive - the status of the Scan HTTP traffic option in Antivirus -> Custom Level; - have you cleared your cache…
  • I am still having this issue. Updated today and rebooted. Still there ... ? O.K. web addresses, how about many others. The odd behavior here is that if you refresh a few times bit defender will decide to stop blocking the page. I mean realy folks. If this was not a programming error could that…
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