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  • Let's try something: in Antivirus please make sure that the Real Time protection is enabled, then click on Custom Level - there please uncheck "Scan http traffic", "Scan Yahoo Messenger traffic" and "Scan Windows Live messenger traffic". Now try to see if AOL works properly. That did it works perfect. Thanks
  • Please tell me what exact module in BitDefender do you disable in order to have AOL working properly? Is it the Firewall, Antivirus or both? I'll need this information in order to continue the troubleshooting process. Also, please tell me what version of windows you are using and what other security solutions do you have…
  • Dear blitz, Please try this work-around: Open BitDefender switch to advanced view go to the antivirus section, high light the shield tab if you have set the slider on aggressive please press on custom level and uncheck scan http traffic and press on ok. Kind regards, Niels It helped a bit but still very slow. Much faster…
  • Did you set AOL as trusted in Bitdefeder Firewall ? No I did not specifically set AOL as trudted in BD Firwall. It is listed on the White Page though. AOL loads fine but is then very slow to open any of the first screen pages. eMail opens with out problems. Web pages are also VERY slow to open. When I disable BD problem…
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