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You may cancel your Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Central or by contacting Customer Support at:

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  • Currently I tried everything that support suggested through ticket I opened and nothing fixed this issue. Nevertheless I found that my PC starts to slow down after I opened Firefox. So the thing is that after I uninstall Bitdefender 2019 and install it again, everything seems to be working fine. Programmes are open fast,…
  • I opened support ticket 4 days ago and they only answered that ticket is currently being reviewed . Nothing else since. If they don't fix this soon I will request for refund !
  • I had to uninstall Bitdefender 2019 because I couldn't work at all. I am using Firefox but it is not opened when slowdown is in progress. Encrypted Web Scan was OFF. After PC restart I am not opening Firefox and again all was slow. Opened ticket couple of days ago with no answer yet.
  • Hey guys I just upgraded Total security 2019 to this new version and interface and this screwed my computer. All apps are opening very slowly. I tried everything, disabled every option, nothing. For now I removed Bitdefender completely as I can not work this way. I will contact their support and ask for solution.
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