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  • Hey, ozziebear. I tried to edit the post you may have read already, then it just disappeared completely, I too assumed it was deleted by Bitdefender but then again it may have been just a glitch. I won't post the same but it was my feeling re you know who. 💩 Regards,
  • ozziebear, LOL. I totally agree with you, I've "complained" before as well, he has answers for everything but 90% of the time returns useless replies. In fact I initially thought he's a pretty well made AI! I just wish he learns when not to reply and realises he does not own this place. Well, people , just ignore me, I'm…
  • Welcome back, garioch7. The new "Expert" community is not functioning but now a place where run by a few holier than thou ex beta testers, I assume both of them are, most questions are referred to Bitdefender's email support. We haven't seen any replies from actual employees here. I still prefer the "old" forum which…
  • Is this "Expert Community"officially run by Bitdefender? No reply for over 2 weeks, considering this is a new forum system supposedly to replace the old one. "Forum Feedback!" is no use if no administrator actually respond to all user feedbacks.
  • I've been browsing this "expert community" for a while I still can't get used to it, and a few more dislikes as follow, Why is it the blue background is fixed to the search box at the top, it is far too big. I have my font size at 110% the blue background occupying the entire Firefox screen. The size on each discussion…
  • The latest version is released 3 weeks ago. Your version is a very old version released 4 years ago in July 2016. I am not sure of your reason not to upgrade to the latest however the latest I am sure is much much effective than a 4 years old version.
  • tthorsson, Your build it seems to be the old build 2019... you have not installed the latest build 2020. Have you checked the build number in my previous post? Just log in And go to MyDevices and install it by clicking the blue INSTALL PROTECTION.
  • I'm sure Roxana will have a solution tomorrow. I'm just curious, tthorsson, your build maybe old? Is it Total Security 2020? Mine is Antivirus Plus but it's the latest. You may want to update yours and see. Regards,
  • tthorsson, read above, I changed it to a better solution, please try that. :)
  • tthorsson and garioch7, Oh... sorry about that I assumed the VPN program is installed thus the pop-up warning. Then try disable the Wi-Fi Security Advisor in Settings - Vulnerability. If this doesn't work we'll need to wait until Monday Romanian time for a solution. bqpd
  • If you don't need the Bitdefender VPN then just uninstall it, it's a stand alone program.
  • Manually upgraded to the 2020. Can't tell much the differences but hopefully everything is working fine. 18 hours ago, Rampant said: /index.php?/forum/556-install-activation/" rel=""> Rampant, I knew the 2020 forums were there but my question I believed…
  • When will it be offered automatically as update? My current build is - somehow supposedly the latest 2019 hasn't been offered. Regards,
  • Roxana G, the problem solved by clean reinstall with the offline kit provided. The reason wasn't given so I have no idea why this has happened however. Multumesc for your help. ssklfj, I actually did reinstalled clean after uninstalled using Bitdefender uninstall tool a few days ago but this didn't fix the problem for me.…
  • Roxana G, no promised reply yet. It looked like my online chat support yesterday initiated the investigation, my email/support tool log wasn't even opened when I contacted. Unable to update threat database as published is a major fault, this started over a week ago. ssklfj, your situation is the exact same thing happening…
  • Roxana G, sent an email and uploaded the folder yesterday. No replies as yet. This is quite a serious matter. Your immediate attention appreciated. ssklfj, thank you for your post as now I know the problem is not an isolated case happening only to my computer.
  • Clean reinstalled - Antivirus Plus 2019 Still unable to download automatically and manually. Manual download "Update Now" shows a download notification, click OK fails to download "100% Update completed...". My current database properties as follow, Threat information updates: 12449469 Engine version: 7.81092…
  • Update completed successfully once a day - yesterday 0:19 AM and today around 1 am, thus my post above. The last database properties, Threat information updates: 12445309 Engine version: 7.81070 Last engine update: 3/06/2019 1:22 AM Update Now "update completed..." doesn't download anything. Should I "reinstall"? Regards,
  • If you are happy with what you have right now then no reason to change, stay with AVG. I am not sure if you have looked the Bitdefender site but you can try a 30 day free trial then you decide to continue as a paying customer or not.
    in Comparison Comment by bqpd February 2019
  • 12 hours ago, svenohrberg said: Workaround or a fix, I don't really care as long as it is fixed for the time being. But of course BitDefender has do do something quick to PERMANET fix this error :-) I very much doubt the majority of us share your sentiment, we actually do care the problem is annoying and we paid customers…
  • komtur, no worries, guess I misread your reply, I apologise for my misunderstanding. The restart option it seems, at least in my system, is not interfering with anything important, but then I am not 100% sure of that however. This bug has been known for at least 6 weeks without a fix, this is pretty awful for Bitdefender's…
  • 14 hours ago, komtur said: Just pause the winmgmnt service for a moment. There is no need to restart. Someone has already written about it here. Eh, komtur, there is indeed no need to be rude. You sounded like pause is the only right way available to stop it. If you say so please state any disadvantages of just restart. I…
  • I'm experiencing this problem regardless of the Fast Start on or off - mine was/is off, I personally don't think it is needed with SSDs. Still manually restarting Windows Management Instrumentation at each start. To Support, Please update us on this. Can you tell us of ETA new product update to fix this? Regards,
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