• Gracias por actualizar la versión en castellano a Thank you for updating a Castilian version Lucky You. Dutch version still at Hopefully they will update the Dutch version soon..
  • Still no news on update for Dutch version? English version updated again.
  • Will know when to download BitDefender 2015 versions in different languages ​​(Spanish, etc.). Regards Waiting for the Dutch version. Asked already when other languages will be available.. But Bitdefender ignore those questions
  • Any news on when other languages will be available? I'm waiting for the Dutch version.. (nl-nl)
  • Will all languages be available the 9th of july? Or only English one? I'm interested in the Dutch version. (nl)
  • Time will tell...., keep us updated ;-) Today Internet Security 2014 is automaticly updated to version (Dutch) Offline installation packages at Bitdefender site not updated at the moment.. But hope they will follow in the coming days.
  • @Bitdefender When will Dutch builds will be updated. IS 2014 still at And the offline download packages still at 17.16 - 3 dec. Bitdefender: Soon. Now we can wait and see what they call "soon".
  • Still no reaction from Bitdefender... Dutch customers that payed for the software arn't that important i think..? English version received an update again.. Still no updates to the Dutch Build.
  • Hi, I'm using Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (English build) and my current build number is but I saw the newest build is Bitdefender says there's no update availlable, is this normal or will the update be rolled-out later on? Also I was wondering, as I normally use the Dutch version when this…
  • Still no update for the dutch language? 16.31 available for English user.. Dutch still at 16.28.. Few months no updates for dutch users except the definitions. And the New Bitdefendert (2014) also still not available in Dutch.. Why does it take so long?
  • Dutch version still is at Its takes a very long time to update to Why does it take so long.. And the New Bitdefender 2014 is out now.. but also not available in dutch..
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