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  • I have the same exact problem. I didn't have it with BDTS 2014, upgraded to BDTS 2015 and now I can not log into steam unless I disable the firewall. I do have steam.exe listed for allow. Crowley
  • Got this exact same problem on my PC no game software loading on startup yet its switching to game mode every boot, just started happening today for me, maybe something was updated that screwed things up =/ I have the same issue as well. 2014 worked pretty good for the "game mode" 2015 seems to want to just stay in game…
  • Hello, I have just reinstalled Windows 8 Pro (a clean install) and now have the settings in Windows Update changed to "Never check for updates". This happens each time the computer is restarted, even though I change the setting to "search automatically ...". When I uninstall BitDefender Antivirus 2015 Windows Update works…
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