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  • To confirm this, I disabled the option for 'Scan USB devices' under antivirus settings and then rebooted, the issue went away... BD, please fix this!
  • I am getting this myself on my one of my machines and it appears to be being caused by a Micro SD Card I have inserted as a second drive. I'm guessing that you'll be getting one elevation prompt per 'removable' drive you have attached to your machine. Hopefully BD will fix this as it wasn't an issue in the previous 2016…
  • Can I also ask that this feature be raised in priority... The security of Bitdefender Central is of great concern to me. As a long standing user of Bitdefender, I recently had a Windows Tablet stolen that was running BD2016, I managed to issue a remote wipe which DB Central shows as being successful, however that's when I…
  • Thank you both for your replies. I am new to BD and sort of assumed that the autoscan would run fairly constantly at idle like it did for the first few days after it was installed. I guess I'll just leave it for now and see what happenes over time. Thanks again !
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