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  • @jeanluc69s Staying on this forum, you're going to be a "computer savvy" or a more wise person or at least a nice debugger (BD kindly allows/forces users to do that), especially if you stick on "Rules=Saints" according to which me, you and columbo, should had been banned (as ONT) because we are off-topic. That's what…
  • ...Do you think I should leave this forum? DEFINITELY NOT...Saint Scott!!! You are the right person at the right place. Saints lead people to the right direction exactly as Rules do, =>Rules=Saints (common maths). If people were always committed with their Rules=Saints, they would be still on the trees (common sense). Amen!
  • ...but now understand yours is a heart and spirit of reconciliation and humility, it took a bit of time for it to click with me... ...Così è (se vi pare) Perhaps, you should think less... BTW @Georgia Thanks. I also want to send to "sendspace" my log from support tool but I don't know where to put my phone and credit card…
  • @columbo What is surprising me is your "saintliness" Are people too stupid here that they can't answer a simple question? ...By the way, Toms Hardware is an excellent site, I have learned a lot from their reviews, and forum Kind regards, Perhaps you have to reconsider about ONT who actually gives (gave) real help here…
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