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  • Hi all: Thank you Anisoara S. but the problem has been solved because of a support ticket opened by me. The problem was that I had installed the "CCleaner" program and It's incompatible with my Bitdefender product. Then I change "CCleaner" for "Wise Disk Cleaner" but "Wise Disk Cleaner" has the same compatibility problem.…
  • Same problem. Vulnerabilities scan stops at 25% and the Bitdefender services stops for some seconds and after those seconds Bitdefender services come back to work. When I haven't this problem I install a Windows 10 Pro 64 bits license. And when I have this problem I install a Windows 10 Home 64 bits license. Maybe for the…
  • Problem solved after reinstalling Windows 10 and Bitdefender product
  • It happens to me when I install BitDefender Internet Security 2019 under a non administrator's account at Windows 10. Maybe ? I solved It openning BitDefender from Desktop's Icon as administrator (right click at BitDefender's Icon and then click "Run as administrator")
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