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  • Hello Sorry for the delayed reply. I have copied that folder on my desktop and the update command is working properly. I have attached a screenshot and my BDC version, you can update it yourself by following the steps from the screenshot. I have censored the username from my test machine, there you have your current…
  • Hi Iva Have you tried to update it over a wired connection? Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Threat Scanner\ and there you should see a folder called Antivirus_XXXXX_XXX where X is a random number. Copy that folder in another location(like your desktop) and try to run the update command from…
  • I think that it'll take millions of years for the bitdefender to realize that the problem is the conflict with IDM advanced browsers integration. You just need to disable it and everything will be ok It doesn't work by me too, even after disabling advanced browsers integration of IDM. Pages are always difficult to be…
  • I faced the same problem too. I reported it in the post IDM vs Bitdefender quite two weeks ago; but it seems not to be resolved yet so I downgrade to another Security suite till they solve it.
  • I hope Bitdefener's team faster faster faster .We can wait longer for you about problem with IDM because we sometimes need to download.However, this problem need fixed faster because surfing the internet is very very very neccessary every day. I confirm it. Surfing the internet has become very very very slow and it is…
  • After update a few minutes ago, IDM connection problems, solved. Everything works perfectly, thanks to team work from Bitdefender! I will wait for an official release note on this forum before installing Bitdefender 2012 again. Thanks for the information!
  • problem was solved. is expected to launch the update, to solve. will not take long and you can use the IDM, the desired parameters. This is possible because of hard work the team of developers. I'm still waiting for this update, but till then! I uninstalled Bitdefender 2012 and reinstalled an other antivirus which let me…
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