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  • Thanks, everyone, for your responses. Bitdefender's disrespect for their customers is pretty stunning. It is, indeed, disgusting. Every company I do business with allows you to easily opt in or out of advertisements. Somehow these guys just didn't get the memo.
  • Would anyone else be willing to share their experiences? I'm ready to make a final purchase decision but I'm pretty disgusted with BitDefender at this point. To any of the people for whom Georgia opened a ticket above, is everything solved, going forward? Are the popups down to a reasonable amount?
  • Hi everyone, I was terribly dismayed to learn about this problem. I don't have bitdefender, but was considering purchasing it. However, the fact that BitDefender would do this makes it pretty hard to trust them, and I may go with another product. Could someone please provide an update on how this is going for them? Did…
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